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Dr. Dondrea L. Geter, artist known as Dre Dai of Alamo, GA, did not take long to figure out that music was his life. Born into a family of educators, Dre learned early the importance of education and the influence it had on the positive enhancement of living conditions and life-styles of this generation. Over a decade ago, the Georgia native started out in a group called Nhyme (Negro Hymns Youth Must Experience). The group consisted of four members, who were all immediate family; put together a catalog of creative, innovative classics that displayed true hip-hop elements of consciousness in their music. The influences of Out Kast, Goodie Mob, UGK and others growing up helped to mold a sound that was pleasant to the common street audience as well as the respectable commercial industry. Dre Dai, acronym standing for “Dre does as is”, brings back refreshed essential elements of positivity and
education that stemmed from the early works of original hip-hop music. For the most part, Dre Dai has managed to keep his lyrics
positive and meaningful, while at the same time showing his ability to move the club crowd. The Georgia native is in the process
of creating a music movement that has never been revolutionized, thus igniting a national outlet for a variety of genres of music in one art form from one particular artist. The Hip-hop genre is the primary foundation of the type of music Dre produced growing up in Southeast, GA, but R&B, Techno, Pop, and Rock music are all mixed in with the creative writing style this special artist displays.
Dre has written music for over a decade now, involving and associating himself with many underground projects that are known statewide. Currently, Dre Dai has teamed up with Dorian Mode of the UK to expand internationally by releasing a dance record called "Feeling It" produced by Dorian Mode and written by himself with the likes of marketing teams such as Team Bigger Rankin, Coast 2 Coast Mix tapes, and Hit men DJs to pump to the masses. The mix-tape album College & A Dream 2 is set to be released on February 14th, 2013 to all major digital distribution outlets. Dre wants to be remembered as an artist who made music from the soul and was not afraid of being himself within doing music. When asked who in the rap game today he is most influenced by, he stated Kanye West and Andre 3000. As Dre would say, music means the world to people, so he plans to help heal the world through music.

College & A Dream Mixtape

"College & A Dream 2" is set to be released on February 14th 2013. The mix-tape will be free for Download on Datpiff.com and a host of other mix-tape hosting sites. The mix-tape is a follow up from the College & A Dream part one mix-tape project which was released in 2011. "College & A Dream 2" is a collection of innovative songs of many genres, which includes Hip-Hop, R&B, Rock, Pop, and Techno (Dance) which was written by Dre Dai. The motivation behind naming the mix-tapes College & A Dream came from a reflection of his own personal life, as he was motivated growing up by his two older brothers, Dr. Aaron Gary (Pete) Geter (which is present on the front of the new mix-tape cover with him from a 1987 picture) and Dr. Keith Geter to go to college and pledge Kappa Alpha Psi which is a family legacy. Even though Dre Dai's dream was to become a hip-hop industry musician, he promised himself he would have a backup plan and get his education as well. Today, Dre Dai has joined the ranks of only 3% of people in the world, including his brothers, who have received educational doctorate degrees. He became Dr. Dondrea L. Geter in
August 2012 as he celebrated a challenging accomplishment. After this accomplishment, Dre Dai felt adamant that it was time to
focus on his music for the 2013 year. This is just the beginning of a musical journey that will one day be deemed classic.

DreDai -collegedream2WEB

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37 Bluebird LN
Alamo, GA 30411
Indie Label…
Planet South

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